EA E3 2013

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EA’s conference kicks of with Plants vs. Zombies but not as you know it. Having moved from the tower defence based gameplay of old to a 3rd person shooter. Gameplay wise a horde mode was shown which looked OK but had a whiff of ‘my first 3rd person shooter’. Not one for the hardcore then but looks like it could be a fun game for the family. Speaking of casual, but highly addictive games comes the announcement of Peggle 2.

Another showing of Titanfall confirms this is one of the most impressive next gen showings so far although I’m still a bit unsure if this is just a multiplayer game or if it has a single player component. A potential for game of the show? Next up the greatest of fan pleasing teasers, Star Wars Battlefront is coming to next gen. Despite not being a huge player of online multiplayer this massively appeals to me, after all the originals were amazing games.


 The new Need for Speed Rivals is looking like pretty standard NFS fare. Nice ability to seamlessly switch between single, co-op and competitive multiplayer. The release of a NFS movie as well does little to excite. We already have too many Fast and Furious movies as it is. Following this was the announcement of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Having never played a Dragon Age this doesn’t appeal to me but I’m sure fans will be super excited about this.

NFS Rivals

EA’s new sports line up was next. First up for the American audience was Madden and NBA Live 2014. Both looked good and in particular the player movement, animation and collision detection seems to be a huge step up from current gen sports games. FIFA is also looking great with a huge step up in atmosphere with much larger, more detailed crowds a league away from the cardboard cut outs we are used to. Then finally for the sports section was the new UFC game. Now this is one of the few sports games I will actually play and my word it looks good. Sounds like they have done plenty of work on AI too giving fights a more realistic ebb and flow. In the words of Bruce Buffer “Let’s get ready to rumble”.


Battlefield 4’s next showing was equally impressive. This time we get to see multiplayer in action with EA showcasing the ability for massive 64 player matches. The level of destruction possible in the multiplayer maps was very impressive, certainly not possible on current consoles. Sure to sell millions.


Finally to close the show the announcement that absolutely no one was surprised by thanks to numerous ‘leaks’. Mirrors Edge 2. As a huge fan of the first game this was massively exciting. Only a very short demo was shown which indicated this would be a prequel to the original. No gunplay was shown in this demo so hopefully that remains absent or vastly improved in the full game as this was by far the weakest aspect of the original.


So another strong press conference from EA. Plenty to keep both casual and hardcore gamers happy. Sports fans too should be delighted thanks to big steps in animation, AI and live updates of player stats to make future sports games more realistic than ever.

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