Nintendo E3 2013

Nintendo Logo

Shirking the normal press conference format this year Nintendo presented their wares via a Nintendo direct video. First off was a look at Pokemon X/Y on 3DS. You already know if this is for you. Much more exciting was footage of Super Mario World 3D. Taking its lead from Mario Land 3D for 3DS it was amazing to see Mario and friends bouncing around in HD. Speaking of friends the game supports 4 player co-op with each character having their own abilities. Being a Mario game announcement it wouldn’t be right not to have a new suit for the portly plumber to wear. Enter cat Mario, allowing a dive bomb attack and the ability clamber up walls that looks to open up the levels for further exploration.

Mario World 3D

Mario takes to the (imaginary) stage again in Mario Kart 8. Again taking its cues from the previous 3DS version with new tracks and magnetic karts allowing looping tracks where you can drive upside down. Another couple of expected games were Wii Party U and Wii Fit U due at the end of the year. Less expected but equally casual was the expanded use of ArtAcademy to draw and send pictures via Miiverse.

Next up came a raft of games. Many of which are available elsewhere but at least give WiiU owners something to play. Batman Origins, Assassins Creed, Deus Ex, Rayman, Scribblenaughts, Sonic and Watchdogs all putting in an appearance. A quick montage of games from the Nintendo store then it’s on to some more significant entries to the WiiU library.

Wind Waker HD is unsurprisingly looking amazing. An absolute must for any Wii U owners who haven’t played the original GameCube version. Platinum games make a couple of showings with Wonderful 101 looking really good and a nice change to see a now IP for Nintendo owners. The developer’s second showing was the highly anticipated Bayonetta 2 which looks equally as over the top and generally bat shit crazy as the first.

Bayonetta 2

Donkey Kong Country hopped up to provide the familiar thrills and side on platforming of the series. A new game from Monolith efficiently named X looks to be essential Monster Hunter with mechs from this first brief viewing. Then much to the fanboys delight was footage of Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS.

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