Sony E3 2013

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As we reach the end of the first day of E3 things are left to Sony to close proceedings. Starting with a gentle ribbing of Microsoft’s Xbox ONE reveal by just confirming the PS4 was made for games not TV. Then they moved on to some Vita games, showcasing Batman Origins, Counterspy, Destiny of Spirits, Kills One and Tearaway. The real boon for Vita owners was the news that The Walking Dead will be coming to the handheld. Sure to work brilliantly based on it success on iPad.

Having reminded us of the ability to use the Vita to remote play PS4 games it was time to have a look at the PS3’s final days. Well talk about growing old gracefully. The Last of Us with us in a matter of days following the conference. Puppeteer, a beautiful looking platformer. The very interesting looking Rain. David Cage’s Beyond: Two Souls. Gran Turismo 6. Batman Origins. GTA5 bundled with PS3. At this point I have to question if I actually need a new console. A thought brought even more to the fore as the live stream stutters and then stops! Hopefully not a sign of Sony’s implementation of Gaikai I pray. As it turns out it was my crappy internet but still doesn’t fill me with confidence regarding the streaming features of PS4.


Now the moment everyone has been waiting for, well Jo has anyway. Out comes the box. Well at least that’s over with, moving on. Despite their earlier jab at Microsoft it comes as no surprise that PS4 will offer music, movie and TV. The difference being they spend 5-10 minutes not half the conference discussing this. So enough of that, back to the games.

A video of new game The Order introduces us to a steam punk version of the streets of 1886 London. Featuring what appears to be a group of knights but equipped with guns rather than swords. It’s difficult to judge with no actual gameplay details but it was a very exciting demo and I for one will certainly be watching what happens with this as we get more details. Killzone Shadowfall however gave us plenty of gameplay footage to salivate over. Being a fairly standard FPS there weren’t any major gameplay revolutions here but it was great to get a good look at the sort of graphical grunt we will become used to on next gen, not bad at all for a launch title.


Other launch titles shown were Drive Club and Knack. The first of which was rather impressive looking. Picking between all these driving games is going to be tricky. Knack got a bit more of a showing this time round and looks like it could be a fun little game. You can certainly see it comes from the man behind Crash Bandicoot, perhaps with a little bit of Ratchet and Clank thrown in.

The next couple of showings came from Infamous Second Son. The second sequel in the series is looking fantastic. The brief gameplay footage shown looks amazing, genuinely almost indistinguishable from the non interactive footage. Having got my platinum trophy for the first two games I am super excited about this. Not a launch title but expected fairly early in 2014 this is something of a system seller for me. A tech demo from Heavy Rain makers Quantic Dream was also massively impressive. It does make me wonder why they spend the time to make this sort of video when those man hours could be put towards making an actual game.


Sony next shows their genuine love for indies as they reel off plenty of exciting new indie propositions. Transistor, Don’t Starve, Mercenary Kings, Octodad, Secret Ponchos, Ray’s Dead, Oddworld and Galaxz. All new and exciting entries for console. Whilst I love the prospect of plenty of interesting indie games, the news that indies can self publish and that there will be a special indie section in the Playstation store does give me a little cause for concern. After all Xbox Live Indie Games turned in to something of a clusterfuck. Let’s hope Sony can manage this properly to ensure the cream of the crop is easy to find.


After some details on titles we already know about, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed IV, Watchdogs and NBA2K14 came a few big hitters. Kingdom Hearts 3 got a huge cheer from the crowd and probably fans at home too. Mad Max also broke out of the wasteland as possibly the most delayed movie tie in ever. Even so this could be good. Confirmation that The Elder Scrolls Online coming to PS4 with an exclusive beta is sure to have Skyrim fans salivating. I’m not however so, whatever.


They started the conference with some light banter regarding Microsoft but now it’s time for their real F U Microsoft moment. Eliciting the biggest single cheer from any of the conferences was the announcement that PS4 would have full used game support with no restrictions at all. There will also be no requirement for any sort of online check to play games. Moving more in line with Microsoft is the news that PS Plus will be required for online multiplayer. PS Plus will carry over for existing members and the Instant Game Collection will continue for PS3, Vita and now PS4. With a PS Plus version of Drive Club and several of the aforementioned indie games confirmed.

The final game shown was Bungie’s Destiny. Getting a decent slice of gameplay footage has got me a bit more interested than I was previously. The detail and lighting was really quite impressive. After confirming cloud gaming will be coming 2014 (in the US) and will be compatible with PS3, PS4 and Vita. To close the show was the significant undercutting of the Xbox ONE price point at £349 and that it will be released ‘fall 2014’, which quite frankly can’t come soon enough.

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