Ubisoft E3 2013

Ubisoft logo

Ubisoft cranked up the start of their conference with a performance by a man from Alice in Chains shredding a guitar to promote the new version of Rocksmith. Sorry I have no idea who he was and I’m not getting paid for this so the journalistic norm of checking facts doesn’t apply. No real details of the game were announced but I guess it’s a must for those gamers wanting to learn how to play guitar without actually bothering to learn guitar.

Splinter Cell Blacklist makes an appearance next which whilst exciting it worries me that this video was almost entirely free of actual gameplay footage. As the game is due for release this August it must be nearly finished so why no gameplay? On a much less stabby, shooty tip was Rayman Legends. Another beautiful follow up to the Ubiart Framework powered Origins. Those of you that listen to the podcast will know that I was a huge fan so am super excited about this one.

Rayman L

I like laughing. Which is handy as the next couple of games made a direct attack for the funny bone. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a…well it’s a mighty quest for epic loot. Sounding like a mix between tower defence and Dungeon Keeper it’s not for me but fans of that sort of thing should love it (Ceri I’m looking at you). It wins points from me for being funny though. Cranking up the giggles next was South Park: Stick of Truth. I got a bit bored of South Park through overexposure several years ago (and let’s not even mention the N64 game) so being reintroduced by way of this video and the ‘Nagasaki fart’ could well have rekindled my love. I guess that’s what this release is all about, if this makes you laugh out loud you’re probably going to love it but if this type of humour sickens you then acknowledge it’s not up your street, move on and don’t complain, there’s plenty of games for everyone.

South Park

Right, serious face. E3 2013 seems to be the year of the racing game as we are introduced to The Crew via a lengthy live demo. It seems to be attempting to out Need for Speed, Need for Speed. From the looks of it so far it might just have done it! Looking great with instant switching between single and multiplayer along with the usual car customisation options. We get to see a little more of Watch Dogs too, learning a bit more about some of the story which involves the dark world of human trafficking

A couple of more casual titles up next. Just Dance 2014 comes as no surprise and is sure to offer those looking to dance around their living room (Llody) the best version possible. Then depending on your point of view the loveable/annoying Rabbids make an appearance in Rabbids TV. Clearly one for the kiddies this involved lots of pointing and waving at the TV. Slightly worrying is this trend to try and join TV and games together. First Defiance, now this and Quantum Break seem to think gamers want to be watching TV rather than playing games.

Quantum Break

To close off the conference we get another peak at Assassins Creed 4. Then a look at Trials Fusion which can’t fail to please pretty much everyone. Looking even more over the top and versions available on both the next gen consoles. A companion game by the name of Frontier will also be available on mobiles so there really is no excuse not to get on your bike anymore.

Trials Fusion

Finally was a game by Massive Entertainment. Firstly confusing the hell out of me with multiple phrases flashing up on screen, it’s called Dark Winter. Nope it’s called Fragile Complex. No, wrong again it’s Directive 51. Oh no hang on its actually called The Division. Seriously it is The Division. Now this game looked visually brilliant. Gameplay wise it appears to be a pretty standard cover based shooter but hopefully they manage to do a bit more than that by release.

The Division

In my opinion the Ubisoft conference was probably the weakest of the show but that’s not saying much as it was still full of amazing games. When this is weak, the best can’t get much better surely?

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