Who Won E3 2013?


Well that’s it. E3 2013 is over. As is the tradition at this time of year we need to pick a winner out of the big three so let’s have a brief recap of the evidence. Microsoft came out to silence the critics after receiving something of a mauling after their Xbox ONE reveal a few weeks ago. They did a fair job of it too. In the most flowing conference Microsoft bombarded us with game after game. So much so it was difficult to keep up at times.

The Xbox ONE is sure to be an amazing console with plenty of big hitting games. Where Microsoft let itself down a bit was with those smaller games. Although they promised the support of indies they didn’t really show this in terms of numbers of games shown. Their stance on used games and online could also possibly be losing them some fans. The higher price point thanks to the mandatory Kinect might also work against them. Time will tell.

Xbox one

Sony gave a slightly more slowly paced but no less impressive conference. Again they showed some impressive games, not just for PS4 but also for the aging PS3. They showed an impressive number of indie games and offered a cheaper price point than the Xbox ONE. They kicked Microsoft in to touch with their much more relaxed policy towards used games and online authentication. The big question mark is over their online capabilities. Having lagged behind during the current generation and without the server grunt Microsoft has behind them will the Japanese giant be able to compete on this front?


Nintendo gave a fair account of themselves but I find it hard to put them in the same category as Sony & Microsoft. They certainly showed some great games to please their fans but that is perhaps the biggest problem. I am sure the new Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Smash Bros are going to be great but the problem is I’ve seen them all before. The lack of new IP is not helping Nintendo shift machines. Whilst I would love to play some of these titles they certainly haven’t done enough to convince me to spend my hard earned cash on a WiiU.


So who won? Well I wasn’t even there and I did! I’m a gamer and gamers were the clear winners from this year’s event. We have two great new consoles on the way and a massive amount of exciting new games coming along with them. Even those not prepared to splash out on a shiny new machine will have plenty to keep them busy on their current console and any die hard Nintendo fans also have plenty to keep them busy. I just can’t wait until I get my hands on some of these titles as I take on Eurogamer Expo in September with the rest of the Monkey Tail team.

7 thoughts on “Who Won E3 2013?

  1. I’d have to give the winning trophy award to Sony for the best press conference. Nintendo would get the silver medal and Microsoft wouldn’t get one at all. Sony’s was held just like a conference should be held. There weren’t any surprises that weren’t positive and they did a great job at presenting their games to us. Nintendo was great at putting together a stellar lineup of games, but I would have liked for them to have held an actual conference this year instead of just having it through the direct online.

    1. I agree a strong showing from Sony but I wasn’t as impressed with Nintendo. Some great games but still not enough to make me buy in to WiiU

  2. This is another great article Marius. Not sure about no medals for Microsoft Wesley, they did have the best line-up of games, including my top three of the show; Titan Fall, Dead Rising 3 and Metal Gear, this last one is a multi platform title off course.

  3. Presentation of Features: Sony
    Game Line Up: Xbox One

    I believe Sony presented their story the best, but reading beyond what is presented is where you may find a real winner down the line. Microsoft has set its self up for a console that will last another 8-10 years. They are integrating policies that will be hit the Sony market in due time. Cloud gaming is on the rise and Microsoft has its foot in the door while Sony does not. In 5 years we will see the difference.

    Both consoles are equal in most aspects except price. For the extra $100 to the Xbox One, you get the Kinect and a handful of awesome features such as Twitch and the Upload Studio.


    1. Some valid points there. It will be interesting to see if Sony can keep up with Microsoft’s online offering this generation. Either way think I’m getting both this time

  4. Great article Marius, and your last paragraph hits the nail on the head. This is a great time to be a gamer, no matter what your console allegiance is. Bring on Eurogamer!

  5. My thoughts echo Jo’s. I think no matter what you play its an exciting time with a lot of unknowns still to be answered, which wont happen until we’ve all had a chance to play! Eurogamer will be the big telling point for me.

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