Bethesda E3 Round-Up!


What a way to start E3! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a handy round-up of the big news, starting with Bethesda’s offering. Start your engines!

First off, let’s take a look at that lovely, shiny Dishonored 2 trailer.

The Bethesda press release gives us some tantalising hints at what is to come:

“In Dishonored 2 the fate of the Isles is left hanging in the balance when the throne is seized by an otherworldly usurper. Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin and play as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano – both armed with the mark of the Outsider and their own unique set of supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets. Explore a world unlike any other as you travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to the once-dazzling coastal city of Karnaca. Hunt down your enemies and forever alter the future of the Empire.”

Dishonored 2 is marked for release in spring 2016, for PC, PS4 and XBox One.

Next up, let’s cast an eye over the wonderfully gruesome trailer for the Doom reboot, in development at id Software:

With a trailer guaranteed to keep the more conservative voices out there gnawing at their fingernails, Doom promises a return to the stuff we all love about the classic FPS, updated for more current sensibilities. Get your double barrel shotguns ready for a spring 2016 release on PC, PS4 and XBox One.

Finally, the big one. Strap yourselves in, we’re getting Fallout 4 THIS YEAR. Bethesda confirmed a worldwide release of November 10th 2015, for PC, PS4 and XBox One, as well as teasing us with a host of game details. Fallout 4 will feature new crafting mechanics, a massive open world, and the player freedom we’ve come to expect from Bethesda. Contrary to some early rumours there will be full character customisation, and the option of male or female protagonists.

There will also be a super special Pip-Boy Edition, including a wearable Pip-Boy replica designed to accommodate a variety of smartphones, a physical Pip-Boy pocket guide, a physical Vault-Tec perk poster, and power armour collectable metal packaging alongside the game itself. Better start saving up those bottle caps!

Here’s Bethesda’s E3 conference in full, go on treat yourselves:

Happy E3 everybody!

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