Episode 176 – Welcome to Thunderdome

Join Adam, Bruno and Marius on another edition of the Monkey Tail Podcast. On this episode, we talk all things EGX 2021, we debut our new quiz “The time is right” and talk about the games we’ve been playing the past couple of weeks, and they are:

EGX 2021 – Silt / Die by the Blade / Death Roads: Tournament / Gravity Commando / A Juggler’s Tale / You Suck at Parking

Playlist – Nuclear Blaze / Far Cry 6 / Sable / Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania / The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay / Age of Empires IV / Outriders / Desperado’s III / Myst / Metroid Dread

The time is right quiz
Why don’t you…

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