Fallout 4, Uncharted PS4 Collection & Dark Souls 3 E3 Rumours | Monkey Tail News 050615

Join us for another roundup of the big gaming news stories of the week, featuring Fallout 4, Uncharted on PS4, and Dark Souls 3 E3 rumours.

Monkey Tail News – The Last Of Us Remastered & Tekken 7

The latest edition of Monkey Tail news, featuring updates on The Last Of Us Remastered and the recently announced Tekken 7. Plus, a familiar looking face shows up in Doctor Who…

The Last Of Us PS4:


Garrus in Doctor Who:


Tekken 7 Announced:


The Last Of Us – Spoilercast


Join Bruno, Marius and Jo as they get under the skin of The Last Of Us in this special spoiler filled podcast. Story spoilers from the very start, consider yourselves warned!

You can listen here at Mixcloud:

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As ever, you can contact us with your own thoughts on this epic game here

The Last Of Us – Review


When civilization crumbles, what will be left of humanity, and what is the cost of survival? Those are the questions at the heart of The Last Of Us, the new post-apocalyptic epic from Naughty Dog, creators of the outstanding Uncharted series. A mutated fungus has caused great swathes of the population to become the gruesome ‘infected’, with the last remnants of the human race forced to become practically feral to survive. Those expecting the wisecracking tone of the aforementioned Uncharted will find little comfort here – The Last Of Us is brutal, gruesome, and quite extraordinary. Continue reading