Episode 119 – E3 2019


Join Benn, Bruno, and Marius as they talk all things E3 2018! Including all the major conferences:

Devolver Digital
Square Enix

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Bye Bye Birdie

Flappy Bird

Almost as quickly as it rose to fame, Flappy Bird’s wings have been clipped after ‘ruining the creator’s life”! Nguyen Ha Dong, the creator of the viral game, took to twitter on Sunday “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 12 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down” he tweeted. “I cannot take this anymore.”

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The Next Generation War

The Next Generation WarThis is the follow up to my “horse” pun filled next generation Derby, but to prove I’m not a one trick pony, I’ll change the format a bit. This is now a war scenario, and while the war is still ongoing and it won’t be over for a few years to come, I’ll try to find out who won the great E3 battle of 2013 but more importantly who is best placed to win the war.

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Who Won E3 2013?


Well that’s it. E3 2013 is over. As is the tradition at this time of year we need to pick a winner out of the big three so let’s have a brief recap of the evidence. Microsoft came out to silence the critics after receiving something of a mauling after their Xbox ONE reveal a few weeks ago. They did a fair job of it too. In the most flowing conference Microsoft bombarded us with Continue reading

Nintendo E3 2013

Nintendo Logo

Shirking the normal press conference format this year Nintendo presented their wares via a Nintendo direct video. First off was a look at Pokemon X/Y on 3DS. You already know if this is for you. Much more exciting was footage of Super Mario World 3D. Taking its lead from Continue reading

Microsoft E3 2013

Microsoft Logo

So first up to run the E3 conference gauntlet this year was Microsoft. Their first showing was from Konami with a gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Showing the impressive Fox Engine off, it showed the new open world with Snake traversing the land on horseback. Real time weather effects looked impressive and hold the potential to open up new gameplay avenues. Looks like both the CQC and stealth techniques have been improved greatly, appearing to make this new entry smoother to play than Metal Gear of the past. It’s a fantastic start to this year’s show; let’s hope it continues at this level.

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Next Gen Comparison Chart

Next Gen Chart

As the dust settles from the E3 games trade show keynotes, your friends here at Monkey Tail decided to provide you with an easy visual aid to compare hardware, user interface, media compatibility and many other features between the 3 next gen consoles, the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Continue reading

The Next Generation Derby

Next gen Derby 2

So if the next generation console war was a horse race, witch is the favourite to win the derby?

The first competitor into the race course was Nintendo, they got off the blocks very quickly but fell at the first hurdle, with a very feeble line-up of in-house games and not much better third-party support! Their unique selling point, the gamepad, was also a failure, with the casual gamer and even some more informed gamers mistaking it for a peripheral for the Wii; also the jury is still out if there’s any further use, past displaying the inventory and/or map of a game? In my horse race analogy they look odds on favourite to bring up the rear. Continue reading