Fallout 4, Uncharted PS4 Collection & Dark Souls 3 E3 Rumours | Monkey Tail News 050615

Join us for another roundup of the big gaming news stories of the week, featuring Fallout 4, Uncharted on PS4, and Dark Souls 3 E3 rumours.

FIFA 16, Until Dawn Release Date and Twitch Adults Only Ban | Monkey Tail News 29/05/15

Time for another entry in our sporadic news series! We bring you the scoop on women’s teams finally being added to FIFA 16, a release date for PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, and Twitch clamping down on Adults Only streaming. Continue reading

Monkey Tail Plays Nice – Life Is Strange

Monkey Tail turns back time in the next episode of Monkey Tail Plays Nice! Jo investigates dodgy graffiti, gets into a fight, and searches for tools in the first episode of Life is Strange, from Dontnod and Square Enix.

Monkey Tail Plays Nice – Bloodborne

Join Monkey Tail for the inaugural episode of Monkey Tail Plays Nice! In this first episode our very own Jo tussles with the demonic Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne. There will be blood. And swearing. LOTS of swearing.

There’s Pixel Blood Everywhere!

Bloodborne - Image from playstation.com
Bloodborne – Image from playstation.com

Join the Monkey Tail crew for our latest podcast, featuring talk of such delights as Bloodborne, Shadow of Mordor, Rogue Legacy and much more. Here’s your link, link fans:


Resogun Review


What makes a good video game is different for different people. Some want a graphical showcase, others an in depth story, whilst many now want endless hours of online multiplayer. Personally I enjoy all types of game but no matter how good the story or how impressive the lighting effects there is one thing that must always come before all else. The name of our hobby gives it away, gameplay. Gameplay should always be at the heart of the experience regardless of what other bells and whistles come along with it. Resogun thankfully has great gameplay in spades.  Continue reading