Qbeh-1:The Atlas Cube Review


Knowing nothing about Qbeh-1 going in to it I was very pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful, enchanting puzzle game before me. Developed by Liquid Flower, it’s a follow up to their four level student project Qbeh. The game is broken in to five stages with six levels a piece. The level’s themselves are built from cubes and float in the sky, not dissimilar to the PS1 classic Kula World. Continue reading

Resogun Review


What makes a good video game is different for different people. Some want a graphical showcase, others an in depth story, whilst many now want endless hours of online multiplayer. Personally I enjoy all types of game but no matter how good the story or how impressive the lighting effects there is one thing that must always come before all else. The name of our hobby gives it away, gameplay. Gameplay should always be at the heart of the experience regardless of what other bells and whistles come along with it. Resogun thankfully has great gameplay in spades.  Continue reading

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith – Review


‘Fables’ are among us, or at least they are in The Wolf Among Us, the new episodic adventure game from Telltale Games, the developers behind the multi-award winning The Walking Dead. Fables, you see, are mythical creatures. Continue reading

Device 6 – Review


Text adventure games have certainly come a long way since Zork. Simogo (the developers behind previous iOS games Year Walk and Beat Sneak Bandit) turn the genre on its head, with the wonderfully surreal iOS brainteaser Device 6. Quite literally, in fact. Continue reading

In A Glass Cage Of Emotion – Beyond: Two Souls Review


The problem, as it was once so eloquently put, is choice. For Beyond: Two Souls, the latest epic from Heavy Rain maestro David Cage, the problem is not only choice, but consequence as well. In a world where we have so much choice and freedom in modern gaming, where does Beyond sit? The answer is that it sits somewhat awkwardly between linear narrative and fully interactive experience, where every choice should matter. Continue reading