Episode 94 – E3 2018

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Join Bruno and Marius as they talk all things E3 2018! Including all the major conferences:

Square Enix

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Footsteps in Rain – Teslagrad Review

Footsteps in Rain

It’s the middle of the night and rain is pouring down, there are buildings on fire, people running in panic, tyranny and chaos in the air. Teslagrad hits the ground running, you take control of the unnamed protagonist, a young boy that immediately starts running away from the scary men trying to capture him! You run across the red crumbling rooftops of an unnamed town, up and down ladders and across collapsed bridges. The town itself, a steampunk inspired vision of old Europe, is in chaos, a dystopia on the verge of collapse, but you can’t stop to figure out what is happening exactly. Your oppressors, henchman clad in red are hot on your heels. So why your running away is not yet clear, but it soon becomes apparent what you’re running towards, a gloomy looking building, a tall structure in the centre of town, this building is a Tesla Tower.

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Resogun Review


What makes a good video game is different for different people. Some want a graphical showcase, others an in depth story, whilst many now want endless hours of online multiplayer. Personally I enjoy all types of game but no matter how good the story or how impressive the lighting effects there is one thing that must always come before all else. The name of our hobby gives it away, gameplay. Gameplay should always be at the heart of the experience regardless of what other bells and whistles come along with it. Resogun thankfully has great gameplay in spades.  Continue reading

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons – Review


Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is the latest game by Swedish game developer Starbreeze Studios. Like the title suggests, this is the tale of two sons that embark on a fabled journey to save their dying father. The game begins with the younger of the brothers, Naiee, paying his respects at his mother’s tombstone. With the aid of a flashback we discover that she drowned at sea while he tried to save her. His elder brother, Nyaa, calls him to help him carry their ill father to the village’s doctor. This is where you first get to try out the unconventional control scheme. You control each brother independently with the left and right analog sticks, and each brother has an action button with the corresponding trigger button. This unusual way of controlling the game is at first confusing, but your brain quickly adjusts to it and you soon get the hang of it. This sort of single player co-op helps create a sense of synergy with the two brothers.

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In A Glass Cage Of Emotion – Beyond: Two Souls Review


The problem, as it was once so eloquently put, is choice. For Beyond: Two Souls, the latest epic from Heavy Rain maestro David Cage, the problem is not only choice, but consequence as well. In a world where we have so much choice and freedom in modern gaming, where does Beyond sit? The answer is that it sits somewhat awkwardly between linear narrative and fully interactive experience, where every choice should matter. Continue reading

Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Battlefield 4


I have to admit to being a bit of a cheat here- in addition to the brief 15 mins spent playing BF4 at Eurogamer, I have enjoyed the opportunity to play the early access open beta at home for a couple of evenings too.

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Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Sony


As the global gaming community is all too aware, we are in a new console year. Eurogamer Expo was completely sold out this time around, and anticipation for the new hardware was obviously at fever pitch across the show floor. For the big manufacturers and publishers then, it was a key opportunity to tout their wares, and Sony were undoubtedly one of the most dominant players on the floor. From their classy stand design through to the well-balanced variety of games on display, Sony delivered where others seemed lacklustre in comparison. Continue reading

Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Batman: Arkham Origins


Gravelly voiced slightly gothic hero? Check. Maniacal super villain with Janet Street-Porter’s teeth? Check. Improbably over-muscled bemasked super villain? Check. Belt laden with enough unlikely gadgets to make Sam Fisher cry with the unfairness of it all? Check.

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Hall of Fame – Velocity Ultra


Shooting aliens, a videogame staple since the mediums early tentative steps in to interactivity. From fixed shooters born out of Space Invaders to scrolling shooters like R-Type and Xevious, piloting an exotic spacecraft to rid the universe of the alien menace has always been fun. The latest to take on this task is the brilliant Velocity Ultra from FuturLab. It may be new but it certainly deserves a place in the Hall of Fame. Continue reading